Pokemon Go! #GottaCatchThemAll

I am one of the biggest comic book and cartoon Blerds ever, but Pokemon never did it for me.  One one hand the characters were super annoying and I may have just crossed the stage into adulthood where I wouldn’t allow myself to like it.


Zak Natural Deodorant Review: Elevate

Disclosure: I received a sample to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own. Over the past four years my family has been transitioning from commercial products full of harmful chemicals to all natural products. In the small chance we can’t find a product,

Lupus Flyer

Come Join Us As We Sweat For A Cure

Do you have time for an amazing workout THIS Saturday, May 7th? Yes! Join me as I support my friend in her quest to find a cure for Lupus with our first Lupus Awareness event!


3 Reasons My Evening Workout Is Bawse

I’ve spent the last few years convincing myself that my morning workout is Bae, but honestly I hate them. I am not a morning person and the amount of energy it takes to get me up would amuse most. It always starts with bargaining for


Baobab Does TV: Krishna D. on The Root’s Out Loud

Baobab Wellness had the honor of being featured on The Root’s OUT LOUD feature, along with some really amazing women entrepreneurs. The topic: Women’s History Month: Black Women Making History.  I was so nervous on my way to the studio, scribbling down ways I thought


Healthy Choices At A Discount

There are lots of theories on why people in our community are obese or suffering from “curable” diseases like diabetes but the one that gets ignored is access. More than 2.5 million Americans live in “food deserts” and have little to no access to supermarkets


GirlTrek- Join The Best This Weekend And Beyond!

This weekend I’ll  be joining the team of amazing women  at GirlTrek , and I am beyond EXCITED!  I was first introduced to GirlTrek by my fit sis and founder of Fit 4 Dance, Laci Chisolm.  In true Krishna fashion I started stalking, watching their