With all the stresses of corporate America and planning this awesome event (stay tuned), I’ve decided to ramp up my mediation and take it more seriously. I wrote about the basic steps to meditation here and though I still revert to this method, I decided to give Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopar’s sessions another go. The first time was a success, so why not?

For those of unfamiliar with the 21 day challenge, each day Oprah and Deepak appear in your inbox and guide you through the days meditation based off the theme this one being, “Finding Your Flow”. All 21 days have a focus, a centering thought and sanskrit mantra that you are to practice throughout the day.  Deepak voice and messages are very calming and have helped me to refocus my energy even on the worst day. They’ve also helped me regain a passion for connecting in this space and networking so that I can reach my goals sooner.

I’m sure it’s not exactly legal for me to post the entire “Message of the Day here so once a week I’ll post a quote that triggered something in me. So remember to head over to our facebook page on Tuesday for the quote and a conversation about what it means to you!

Day 5: “Pay attention to the moments you speak your truths and to how you choose to express yourself through out the day. Be aware of the subtle reasons you have for not expressing yourself. Witness when you hold back anything, moments when do not share your perspective, notice what you feel.. does your throat become tight as if the words are stuck there? Then let yourself relax and take a deep breathe” ~ Deepak “Finding Your Flow”