Sometimes you have to power through with the kid attached

Fifteen years ago I after a really hard boxing class I stepped into my first Yoga class and fell in love. The hippie instructor, his sitar and calming instruction will never know the part he played in helping me hold up a mirror to myself for introspection, but I thank him everyday through practice.

Starting August 1st, I will be documenting my practice on IG for 30 days. I will walk you through the 12 poses that make up Sun Salutation (suraya namaskar). I thought it would be a great place to begin since Sun Salutation honor the light and life sustaining energy of the sun and the life force within you. It is also a great way to start your day, encouraging your heart to pump, increase circulation and gets you ready to conquer your day. I encourage you to take pictures of as we go through the poses to not only document your process but to become a part of the community. Tag all the pics #YogaYogaYall Namaste!