4 Tips For Fall FitnessThe temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing color, the need for comfort food has risen and all signs point to Autumn. While working out outside might be a challenge this is the perfect time for a workout reboot. Consider these great tips to keep your workout to stay motivated!

  1. Start A Running Program:
    I absolutely dislike the way running in the summer makes me feel, but as temperatures drop I enjoy short runs through my neighborhood. Invest in warmer gear that can be layered up, create a dope running mix and take in the beauty of the colorful leaves and crisp leaves. Not sure about a run? Commit to taking 10,000 steps a day and gain the same benefits.
  2. Layer Up: It’s getting cold fast and nothing is worse than having to abandon your workout because you’re cold. Fall jackets, long sleeve t-shirts and of course hoodies are your friend whether you are putting in work outside of just going from the gym to your car. This Old Navy Mock Neck is the perfect, stylish option.
  3. Workout at Home:
    Let’s be realistic sometimes your bed just won’t turn you loose and no matter how hard you fight you just can’t win. No problem, Let technology be your trainer! Join an online program, like Nike+ Training Club or Daily Burn to keep on task and focused on your fit end goal.
  4. Yoga and Meditation:
    Autumn is a transition season, it is a time where we are reminded that our lives and nature’s cycle are one. During this time look into starting a program of Yoga and Meditation to help you release any of your past burdens. Here’s a great quote to take with you throughout this season of transition….. “When you are brave and have an open heart, you have affection for this world — this sunlight, this other human being, this experience. You experience it nakedly, and when it touches your heart, you realize this world is very fleeting. So it is perfect to say ‘Hello means good-bye.’ And also, ‘My hope, hello again.’ “-Cynthia Keen, Awake Mind, Open heart