On January 12th I turned 42 years old, I had a weekend full of family fun planned and I was so excited. My first very low key birthday, centered around me and not some stressful dinner or party, just me, the kids, my husband and my sofa. It was wonderful. I felt rejuvenated and then suddenly I crashed.  Like literally to the floor. When my husband found me I was holding my keys, a cup of tea ( how it didn’t spill is beyond me) and had no idea where I was or what had happened. It was bad, Michael Jackson bad. I was really sick, the Dr said so.

As I laid on my sofa crying and wrapped up in my favorite blanket I stared at my phone, scrolling through Facebook, then twitter and finding myself getting increasingly angry and stressed. The news was blaring in the background and with every commercial, every article read (and posted) about the rise of Trumplandia I could feel the tension rising in my chest. This 24/7 life was killing me,  and without warning I stopped. I turned off the TV, logged out of FB and just went to sleep (aided by a lovely robitussin cocktail). It was one of the bet sleeps I’ve had in a long time. I woke up (thanks to my loud kids) and decided to give myself time off from the world temporarily before it became permanent. Two weeks late, I’m feeling stronger both mentally and physically and here are a few steps I took to  reset and get back to my best

1)UNPLUG: I’ve realized that my life has become a life of “being in the know” and that people value my sometimes brass, unpopular opinion, but I don’t owe that to them. In the two weeks I’ve been off SM, I’ve gotten text messages, emails and PM like GIRL did you see (insert Trump related crazy) and I made a point not to answer. I’m certain that my heavy heart about the state of my community under this regime only added to my less than optimal recovery time so I has to block it out. Not to mention the incessant scrolling just made me feel dizzier.

2) DRINK 👏🏾ALL👏🏾THE👏🏾WATER : My dislike of water is a well known fact, I’ve written about it several times. But this time around after a few Powerades I went back to drinking water. I added a few pink Himalayan salt crystals to help with the removal of the toxins in my system (hello Robitussin) first thing in the morning and the fresh pineapple juice I’d made the week before during the afternoons. It made all the difference. 

3) Chose Happiness: The world is depressing AF right now. We are all under a lot of pressure at home, work, school, even the church is in an uproar. But we have to make the decision to be happy, to focus inward and grow despite the feeling of despair. I chose happiness by reading the books I’ve been putting off, reading them out loud to Corey despite them being completely above his head. I finished two books and a graphic novel, something I haven’t done in years. I skipped the inaguration and watched Black movies I love ( I started to tweet The Wiz, but instead sang along with my boys) and did my favorite point and flex exercises (my secret to these strong legs).Self Care

4) Ask for help : I have a fantastic husband and family but sometimes I think they don’t know how to function if I’m not around. That’s my ego. There was only one day I had to say something to the Mr. about everyone eating because he was in a sleep coma. 😂  At 10 years old CJ could manage lunch,snacks and even made sure he was ready for bed by 8pm. My sister and mom called me every day to see if I needed anything.

5) Listen to your body and take the signals seriously: I am always yelling at my friends for not taking better care of themselves and their lack of seriousness when they get sick. My  village has to be strong. And normally I take it seriously too, but this creeped up on me and I didn’t act because I didn’t have time to be sick. Listen to your body people, fevers aren’t the only signs of sickness. Bleeding gums, joint pain, lack of appetite, dry mouth all of these are signs from your body, listen to them and get to the Dr. 42 Self CareThere will be plenty of time to dissect the news (reminder: we are only on day 10), boycott and organize (see reminder) but we can’t do any of those things if we are sick and shut in! Self care is one of the most important parts of this revolution, get serious about it!