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Baobab* Wellness was founded to help foster a greater mind, body and soul connection through exercise, nutrition and meditation. What you do to one part of yourself affects the others. Baobab will be the resource to facilitate the outweighing of detrimental acts with positive ones. You’ll be on your way to the best, healthiest you in no time!

Who Am I?

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Krishna Davenport, Founder, has always lived an active life, from her early days dancing with a prestigious dance company to over 10 years practicing Hatha Yoga. In 2011, she noticed that her upper body strength was almost non existent and she didn’t like it at all. A friend recommended she join Crossfit, which changed her life. it wasn’t until a night out that Krishna recognized a lot of the women in her circle were out of shape and could use the same guidance she was given, and so Baobab was born. Krishna’s belief is that even the busiest woman can fit in 15 minutes to better herself if given the tools. When Krishna is not working out she spends her days navigating the murky waters of Wall Street, motherhood and blogging.

Krishna is a licensed nutritional coach and certified Zumba instructor.
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*The Baobab Tree is found in Africa, India and Australia. It is known as the Tree of Life because it can provide food (its fruit is the ‘monkey bread’ and the leaves are used for medicine and condiments), shelter (the trunks are hollowed out for dwellings) and clothing (rope and cloth derives from its bark).

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