This Friday I thought I’d do something a little different by featuring a friend and one of the guest speakers at Blog Cafe 4.0, Emily Sullivan.

I met Emily through our alumni facebook page and within five minutes of speaking to her I felt a calm pass over me. I wanted that kind of energy in my life. I haven’t had the opportunity to have a full session with Emily but between the ten minutes at Blog Cafe, her youtube channel and weekly email blast I have been doing a better job of managing my stress, especially through this pregnancy. Here’s a little more about Emily.

Emily Sullivan helps you get rid of stress in a way that is safe, effective, and strengthens the body’s ability to heal itself. Her passion is helping people transform their health and life by nurturing a clear vision of their ideal self and by using tools to make getting there fast, fun and easy. Her background includes dance, BodyTalk and most recently, Universal Health Principles and Franklin Method. Her goal is to provide you with the most advanced health care, grounded in science and proven to work.Emily makes weekly videos on improving your health and life which you can find on her blog and Youtube.

Emily will be hosting an online session, Meditate on Your Success, this evening. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this session is perfect for you:

  • Are you tired of the struggle to reach your dreams and goals
  • Are you tired of not having energy, motivation, or inspiration. It isn’t fun for you?
  • Are you ready to get help and support?
  • Do you recognize that you haven’t tapped your fullest potential and you’re ready to?

More information and the link to register can be found on her site. Please make sure you register before noon today.

Be well and enjoy your weekend!