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Baobab Fit And Nutritious

Baobab Fit an Nutritious
Email me with any questions at and let’s do this!

Are you tired of going back and forth with the latest diet craze?

Having trouble eating clean and STAYING clean?

Want to go Paleo, but don’t know how?

Then this is the course for you!

Baobab Fit and Nutritious is a meal prep and healthy lifestyle company. We offer one-one and group fitness training, nutritional coaching, and a meal planning program that provides a long term foundation for a healthy life.
Our clients are new moms, busy career women, momprenuers and individuals interested in transitioning to a #paleo lifestyle. Interested in our services, email me at or call (516) 900-4218 for a free consultation and quote!
Let Baobab Fit and Nutritious help you reach your goals!


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