#BaobabSpeaks is when we open up our platform to elevate the voices of Black Women. Today’s sister voice is dynamic @itsthatclaude. Founder of BG Clique. Claudia has been a constant presence in my life but in these last 6 months through her platform, she’s kept me inspired. Her work with BG Clique is a constant reminder and push that as long as you have breath in your lungs, you can do anything.

Recently my personal trainer told me I had to incorporate weights into my workouts because I have reached a peak. When that happens in fitness you have to change it up.  The same can be said about life; we all have varying life peaks.  

A few years ago I worked on a project named Everest. I learned that around 26,000 ft up the historic peak lies The Danger Zone. Why is it called The Danger Zone? Due to the fact that oxygen levels at that altitude are so low the human body simply cannot survive unaided. After the Danger Zone lies Rainbow Valley. That’s were those who don’t succeed sadly end their journey. The reason for use of the word Rainbow is not positive. Interesting stuff right?

So Your Resident BGirl is living in a plateau right now & trying not to get stuck.

For the BGirl Clique that means scaling back the Zoom nights to once a month & changing my newsletter a bit.  While I focus on the other areas of my life expect an email once a week now.  I will not be a resident of any sort of Rainbow Valley.   

Enjoy some pics of my training for my first 39 mile event above on the left and me on the right during the event. Fierce.  Yep that is me.  I recall & share that former peak to move me forward to my next place.

Pull up to the newsletters for now until our next Zoom.

Stay inspired, safe & know I love you beautiful people.

Black Motherhood