*Throws Confetti* You’ve made it through the first month of the challenge. Your refrigerators are a caveman’s dream, you’re walking every day and despite mother nature’s grudge you’re getting as much sunlight as possible. Lastly you’ve begrudgingly tried a new vegetable at least once this past month. Now you’re ready to kick it into high gear with strength training!

This month we are going to detail workouts that are primal-friendly and will have you stronger by month’s end. For this challenge, you have to fit 10+ minutes of strength training into your schedule at least three days a week. Of course, this means you have to actually do them or it’s on you.

Strength training is extremely important, especially for women, because it helps you lose body fat, reduce risk of osteoporosis and common day illness like heart disease, diabetes and depression. Besides the obvious perk of sculpting your body, strength training is also a way to boost self confidence and rid yourself of stress.

To get you started we’re sharing a basic high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine from Fitness Blender. Beware of the burpees!