Got my walking shoes, how about you?

We are entering the second week of our paleo challenge and are curious to hear about everyone’s experiences so far. Have you been walking, sprinting and taking the stairs? Are you completely in love with artichokes now? Have you noticed a change in how you look and feel since becoming a “caveman”?

Part of the reason we’re encouraging this switch in lifestyle and diet is because we’ve done it and have noticed positive changes. Here are a few things to look for and keep in mind while continuing to participate in the challenge. Are you:

  • Sleeping better?
  • Snacking less?
  • More focused?
  • More energized?
  • More “regular”?

Also, now that you’ve been walking outside for at least 20 minutes everyday (or sprinting and taking the stairs), here’s a way to step it up some if your body responds well to added activities:

  • Bump up your walking time to 25 minutes
  • Walk uphill at least two days during the week
  • NYC folks–walk across one of the bridges at least once during the week (it can be one way or round trip)
  • Skip rope down a path instead of walking

Please remember to check in with your physician before doing any physical activities to avoid injuries. It is also essential to stretch your entire body after every workout, no matter the intensity.

So tell us- how are you progressing with the challenge?