I have been dedicated to increasing my upper body strength for the last two months because I feel like it’s my week point. I’ve added lift days (blerg) to my routine and I already have an unnatural relationship with my kettlebell, but there are days that I get bored and well…skip them.  I needed some motivation and I wasn’t sure where to start.

I was happy when my cousin put up a few videos she made whic seemed to keep motivated. Incorporating those videos gave mw the confidence to search for more videos and that when ad for 15 minutes for 30 day caught my eye. Hmm, I decided to sign up. I mentioned it to my sister and she said oh yeah the Betty Rocker is cut but we both figured the workout would be more than 15 minutes. It wasn’t!! Here’s a quick breakdown of my time with Betty Rocker:

Day 1 – 10  I forgot I signed up on Friday and rhe first day waa Saturday, so I skipped and moves it to Sunday morning. At first I felt guilty but I knew it was impossible to do given my already busy day. I move my daily yoga practice to the evenings and replace it with Betty Rocker’s routine. I was not only surprise how much fun they were, but how effectively they targeted every part of my body. I was not only happy about the shortened workout but the way I felt after. And I noticed changes within days. 

Day 11-20 The workouts got more intense but remained at the 15 min mark. During the first 10 days I didn’t feel any soreness, that changed quickly during this week. I made the decision to skip the yoga videos because I hadn’t stopped practicing but added some extra stretching to deal with how I was the aches. 

Day 21-30 A lot happened during this period that for me off my game but I committed to finishing. On more than one day I doubled up on the workouts to get it in. But because the first 20 days had garnered so much change and I felt stronger, I was able to power through. It also helped to clear my mind mentally. I saw the change in my arms and back and I was well pleased.

I enjoyed the workouts with Betty, she was very detailed in her approach, offered modifications and showed the workout before the time even started. Once I got the hang of her stlye I was able to set my timers prior and knock the workouts out alone.

 Through the process I realized there were two things I really appreciated, the first being the signed pledge on FB to finish. It was a reminder not to quit, which I’m sure a lot of us do because you figure no one can see you BUT you know. The other was Betty herself, at first her voice made me want Ro turn off the sound but when I listened to her more deeply, she was sharing stories, sharing her own woes about working out and that made it easier for me to get through my workout. She kept me focused on my end goal and what’s not to love about that. 

If you’re a busy mom like me and you can’t figure out how to get to the gym, Betty Rocker is your answer. She will make you strong as long as you stay dedicated and finish at your own pace!