cjandIPeople keep asking me what I do to keep my skin looking so clear and fresh. I never really thought of myself as having a system but this weekend I spent a few minute on the benefits of pre-natal vitamins. Though #LeMunchkin will be two in a few weeks, I continue to take my prenatal vitamins because they’ve played part in keeping my skin, hair and nails looking amazing.  With such a simple regimen I thought it be cool to answer a few of the questions I get regularly and give you a look into my beauty bag.

What do you use to remove makeup?
I’m old fashioned. I still use vaseline, which hasn’t failed me yet. I dip cotton balls into the vaseline and it takes care of any makeup I have on. Even my long lasting eyeliner. 

What do you wash your face with? 
While on maternity leave I was introduced to Ixora Botanical Beauty’s Blissful Skin Oil Cleanser. CHANGED  MY LIFE! I have a very oily face but this process and product has decreased oil production and softening and fading dark marks. When I run out I use coconut oil in the same way.  

Do you use SPF moisturizers? 
Yes. I use a really simple one from E.L.F. which I combine with coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil. The E.L.F moisturizer is tinted and drying, these oils help neutralize the drying affect and add another layer of protection from the damaging sun rays.

To Exfoliate or Not To Exfoliate? 
Definitely To. I use a homemade sugar scrub twice a month.

What does your nightly regimen consist of? 
Living in this city makes me feel like I have to clean my face as soon as I get home, as much as I love NYC it’s filthy. Anyway, if I don’t have on any makeup I wipe my face with witch hazel, put vaseline on my lips and then apply Ixora Botanical’s Cara Hermosa Butter. That’s it.

Beauty Must Have?  
Coconut oil ( used on my hair, skin and cuticles)
Crisco (used on my knees and elbows during the winter months)
Witch Hazel
Oil Cleanser
Shea Butter (pure)

Lastly I drink tons of water, I absolutely HATE it but I still force myself to drink it.  That helps keep away the crows feet, the dry patches and blotchy skin. 🙂 Next week come back for healthy hair tips!

One more pic for good measure. LOL!