Bryan Ortiz during a recent competition.

On April 29, we’re hosting our second wellness workshop featuring Bryan Ortiz and his BK Bad Ass Body Camp workout. Ortiz, a certified trainer (via FiTour and ISCA Boxing) who studied with the “Godfather Of Functional Training,” Juan Carlos Santana, offers classes in Brooklyn and Manhattan throughout the week for those who are serious about fitness.

Baobab Wellness got the scoop on this hard-working trainer who’ll be whipping you all into shape (or at least get you started on that journey) in a couple of weeks:

Baobab Wellness (BW): What made you get into fitness, both personally and as a profession?
Bryan Ortiz: I was always into fitness because I was always involved in sports (like baseball) since I was little. The day I decided to really take it serious was when I was 17 years old- I took off my shirt and group of girls laughed at me because I was skinny as a toothpick with no muscle. I started working out at home in Canarsie, using playground equipment since my family couldn’t afford a gym membership at the time.

When I turned 18 I joined a gym and started helping out my friends, too, because they started to see a change in my body. At that time I decided to become a personal trainer; I always thought it would be amazing to make a difference in people’s lives through health and fitness.

BW: What was the hardest part for you in the beginning of your journey? How did you overcome it?
Ortiz: In the beginning, the hardest part was just getting taken seriously as an 18-year-old trainer who barely had any muscle or experience. I overcame it by just training as many people as I could in the gym for free, to show them that what I lacked in experience I made up for in passion and desire to help them get the most bad ass healthy body.

In my own training the hardest part was staying focused on the long-term goals. I always knew I wanted to be a bodybuilder/physique competitor and have made my dreams a reality. Unlike most of my competition I pride myself on training hard, eating clean and doing it 100% natural.

BW: What’s a typical day like for you?
Ortiz: I wouldn’t say any of my days are typical because I like to create excitement in both my life and my students’ lives. But normally I wake up at 4:30am for a protein rich breakfast. Then…
•6 AM – 1st Bad Ass Body Camp of the day (in Brooklyn)
•7:30 AM – I’m in the gym getting in my first workout of the day
•8:30 AM – Post-workout protein smoothie
•9:30 AM – 2nd breakfast
•10 AM – Officially begin my business hours, which is usually until 5 PM. I spend time coming up with new workouts, creating new content, working on various other projects, meetings and interacting with all my fans on Twitter and Facebook. I’m also on a strict eating schedule to keep the muscles growing.
•6:15 PM – 2nd Bad Ass Body Camp of the day in Midtown (Manhattan)
•8 PM – Back in the gym for the second workout of the day
•10 PM – Sleep to do it all over again the next day

BW: What advice do you have for someone who’s afraid to get off the couch and begin their own fitness journey?
Ortiz: The road to getting a bad ass healthy body and lifestyle can be intimidating. The key is to remember that it’s your health at stake. Being fit and healthy is more than just trying to look good for the summer. So many health problems could be prevented by just working out. You don’t even have to join a gym. It’s a simple as just walking 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t matter what you do- just as long as you get up and get moving!

Be sure to join us on April 29 to get moving with Bryan. Click HERE to purchase your ticket today!