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Review: KTX Spin

  A few years ago my sister and I ventured out to Central Park to the Self Magazine “Workout In The Park” (which has since become a tradition) If you’ve never experienced it let me help you understand what happens, the people at Self round

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Day 2: Journey To A Better Me

Three years ago at a difficult time in my life I wrote this to get rid of my frustrations. It seemed like a fitting piece for day 2 of my journey to 40 posts.  Enjoy! 

A Journey To A Bigger, Deafer, Better Me

I had a conversation this weekend about the journey I set on a few years ago. It wasn’t a journey to a foreign place, or a new part of my city. It was…No it is a journey of self. As I approach my 40th birthday

Black Girl Beauty: The Skin Edition

People keep asking me what I do to keep my skin looking so clear and fresh. I never really thought of myself as having a system but this weekend I spent a few minute on the benefits of pre-natal vitamins. Though #LeMunchkin will be two in