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Lupus Flyer

Come Join Us As We Sweat For A Cure

Do you have time for an amazing workout THIS Saturday, May 7th? Yes! Join me as I support my friend in her quest to find a cure for Lupus with our first Lupus Awareness event!


3 Reasons My Evening Workout Is Bawse

I’ve spent the last few years convincing myself that my morning workout is Bae, but honestly I hate them. I am not a morning person and the amount of energy it takes to get me up would amuse most. It always starts with bargaining for


GirlTrek- Join The Best This Weekend And Beyond!

This weekend I’ll  be joining the team of amazing women  at GirlTrek , and I am beyond EXCITED!  I was first introduced to GirlTrek by my fit sis and founder of Fit 4 Dance, Laci Chisolm.  In true Krishna fashion I started stalking, watching their


4 Tips To Fall Fitness

The temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing color, the need for comfort food has risen and all signs point to Autumn. While working out outside might be a challenge this is the perfect time for a workout reboot. Consider these great tips to keep your

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Girls Night Out : Long Island

September is when I put all my fee fees aside and try a new workout, in  anticipation of my sister’s birthday. This year we signed up for the New Balance Girl’s Night Out. And it was fun! I’ll admit I didn’t read anything other than

New Year New You

National Women’s Health And Fitness Day

September 30th is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day.   For many women our health is secondary to the kids, our partner, the job, even what’s happening on Scandal before we dedicate the time to our health and fitness routine and that can lead to


Lacrosse Is The Future

My son is 9 years old.  He’s faster than lightning and every since his second birthday, people have been telling us he should play football. I don’t like football, my husband does, but never wanted him to play. We tested the waters with other sports