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Video Anyone?

In a conversation with one of the many awesome people on my team I was told that I need to start making short videos ASAP. I tried to give the regular excuses about not liking my voice or that I just didn’t know what to

Dream Friday Inspiration

I was the first of my circle to turn 40 this year and though a lot of seem to be freaking out, I was fine. I was actually looking forward to it. My life was in what felt like a never ending roller coaster for

Review: KTX Spin

  A few years ago my sister and I ventured out to Central Park to the Self Magazine “Workout In The Park” (which has since become a tradition) If you’ve never experienced it let me help you understand what happens, the people at Self round

Friday Inspiration: Will You Win?

I’ve been speaking with three really good friends about potential business ventures this week. I have so many ideas running through my mind, I want to take this free time to see which ones have roots.

Small Axe Inspirations: Be Fearless

I spent this week reminding myself that even when doubt and fear knock at my door, I don’t have to answer. Some might see this as a Monday message but Friday is the day you start planning for the next week so:

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Friday Inspiration

About a week ago I had the hardest day. It seemed that anything and everything that could go wrong went wrong. And just when that small inch of doubt began to creep in and I wanted to cry,  I came across this quote:

Small Axe Inspiration

So if you are the big tree We are the small axe Ready to cut you down (well sharp) To cut you down These are the words Of my master, keep on tellin’ me No weak heart Shall prosper ~Robert “Bob” Marley

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Day 2: Journey To A Better Me

Three years ago at a difficult time in my life I wrote this to get rid of my frustrations. It seemed like a fitting piece for day 2 of my journey to 40 posts.  Enjoy! 

A Journey To A Bigger, Deafer, Better Me

I had a conversation this weekend about the journey I set on a few years ago. It wasn’t a journey to a foreign place, or a new part of my city. It was…No it is a journey of self. As I approach my 40th birthday