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A Desperate Act Of Self Care

On January 12th I turned 42 years old, I had a weekend full of family fun planned and I was so excited. My first very low key birthday, centered around me and not some stressful dinner or party, just me, the kids, my husband and

Nia..A Personal Kwanzaa Tale

Yesterday I met with an organization dedicated to wellness for kids. In the meeting, the director asked me many questions but the one that stuck out most was “You speak with such passion about your time in finance, why the change?” It literally stopped me

Hello Brownsville Baobab Fit!!! I'm Coming Home!

I can’t believe it, dreams really do come true!! *SCREAMS*  I have so many plans, I can’t…. WAIT Okay, let me start from the beginning.  In August I applied for a grant to bring my fit brunch to Brownsville.  I worked really hard on the

Namaste In Times Square Mind Over Madness Yoga

EVERY.YEAR I make plans to attend the Summer solstice Yoga event in Times Square and every year something happens that doesn’t allow me to get there. One year I was away, last year I had a deadline for a client in Singapore and it meant

Event: Lupus Walk 2015

This weekend the boys and I had the privilege of walking with my friend and sister, Alena in support of a cure for Lupus.  Watching the swarms of families decked out in purple tees, tutus and beads made for an extraordinary day, the weather cooperated and

It’s Love Day

I thought today I’d take a break from the norm and celebrate love. Being in loving relationships are definitely part of maintaining a strong mind, body and soul connection. Negative energy is draining and can lead to stress, bad eating habits etcetera, etcetera… So let’s

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Friday Inspiration

About a week ago I had the hardest day. It seemed that anything and everything that could go wrong went wrong. And just when that small inch of doubt began to creep in and I wanted to cry,  I came across this quote:

Small Axe Inspiration

So if you are the big tree We are the small axe Ready to cut you down (well sharp) To cut you down These are the words Of my master, keep on tellin’ me No weak heart Shall prosper ~Robert “Bob” Marley