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Betty Rocker: 30 days, 15 minutes

I have been dedicated to increasing my upper body strength for the last two months because I feel like it’s my week point. I’ve added lift days (blerg) to my routine and I already have an unnatural relationship with my kettlebell, but there are days

Say No To Mocking Poor People Seriously, Stop It!

  Have you ever heard of the Food Stamp challenge? If not let me fill you in quickly, it’s where rich people graciously throw away all their access to fancy restaurants, artisanal cheeses, wine and fresh vegetables to live on $33.26/week, the budget for one

Review: KTX Spin

  A few years ago my sister and I ventured out to Central Park to the Self Magazine “Workout In The Park” (which has since become a tradition) If you’ve never experienced it let me help you understand what happens, the people at Self round

Review: The New York Times 7 Minute Workout

Winter has officially arrived in NY bringing with it the the 4 steps of fitness grieving: hitting snooze & staying in bed skipping your workout. immense guilt for skipping your workout. bad snacking and emotional binge eating.

Where You Should Be This Weekend: Fitness Event

I had the pleasure of speaking with the awesome team over at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and they shared this event with me! Come out and take a few classes, meet other health professionals and just have a good time! All are welcome!  

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Free.99: Get You Some

In a city full of expensive workout classes and over priced gyms, nothing makes me happier than a chance to hit Utkatasana for free. And in this case, a summer full of free workouts for adults and kids alike.