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Betty Rocker: 30 days, 15 minutes

I have been dedicated to increasing my upper body strength for the last two months because I feel like it’s my week point. I’ve added lift days (blerg) to my routine and I already have an unnatural relationship with my kettlebell, but there are days

Healthy Choices At A Discount

There are lots of theories on why people in our community are obese or suffering from “curable” diseases like diabetes but the one that gets ignored is access. More than 2.5 million Americans live in “food deserts” and have little to no access to supermarkets

Baobab Eats: Pastelón Sweet Plantain "Lasagna"

I’m not sure when I first experienced the deliciousness that is pastelón,  but I do remember the first time I craved it. My younger sister, V had just come an event at work, she had bags filled with plantains and what looked like the ingredients

Baobab Eats: Chicken Salad

I am not a fan of pre-made salads of any kind but sometimes a craving strikes and well I had to give in. I decided to give the chicken salad a try at my local organic market and was VERY disappointed. I went home that

Detox Done The Right Way Quick Bites

Summer is upon us and my inbox has been flooded with “Krishna, what can I use to detox and lose weight quickly?” emails. and though I promote the idea of quickie weight loss, I do enjoy a detox on occasion.  I prefer to detox after

Event: Lupus Walk 2015

This weekend the boys and I had the privilege of walking with my friend and sister, Alena in support of a cure for Lupus.  Watching the swarms of families decked out in purple tees, tutus and beads made for an extraordinary day, the weather cooperated and