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10 Things I Know About Being Healthy

As I make my way through my second pregnancy (whoo hoo *throws confetti*) I’ve dealt with insane cravings, bouts of fatigue and NFTG* state of mind when it comes to working out. But every day I make a choice to stick by my healthy diet,

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What is Paleo?

A year ago Raquel, her sister and I had a conference call to discuss redefining our lifestyle choices. The biggest change for all of us would prove to be giving up our more than once a week cheat day and adopting a Primal lifestyle (also

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The Vitamin Trap: B12 Alternatives

Knowing how to properly fuel your body can be a daunting task, especially with “experts” publishing new and conflicting studies on what’s good and bad for us almost daily. However, most can agree that there are essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep everything functioning

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Quick Bites: Quiche & Potatoes

I love a good brunch, don’t you? But let me tell you, these Brooklyn/Manhattan brunch prices are not always wallet-friendly or add ingredients or sides that aren’t helpful to my healthy living plans. On days when I want to save money and temptation, nothing beats

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What Do the Codes on Your Produce Mean?

For years we’ve all just assumed the codes (PLU code) on those annoying stickers was just a way for the store to keep inventory. And though they do serve as a checklist for stores they are also a guide for you the consumer to figure

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May Your Inner Self Be Secure and Happy

I haven’t posted anything for a while. I could outline the list of things that have gone wrong and caused me to retreat into myself, but I’m sure whatever is going on with me isn’t any different than what’s going on in your world: Life,

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Quick Bites: Paleo Friendly Turkey Meatballs

I saw this recipe on Food over Rock N Roll a few weeks ago and could never bring myself to make it for the Giants. So I just stored it back in my Paleo recipe folder.  Strapped for time, a freezer full of frozen food I put aside my

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Quick Bites: Curried Chicken Salad

Most of our bad food decisions stem from being unprepared for when hunger strikes. But with a dash of forethought and a great imagination, you can take what’s already in your fridge and make a tasty meal. In this first installment of Quick Bites you’ll

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The “Magical” Powers of Ginger

A key to optimal health is making sure your digestive system is running smoothly. However, many of the processed foods we consume tend to hinder proper digestion, and we all know that an “unhappy” stomach and colon can be really debilitating.

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Save Your Waist and Wallet

Switching up your eating habits for the sake of your health can seem like a daunting and expensive change. Many times, it appears that the better a food item is for you, the more it will cost. But this is no time to give up