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Baobab Eats

Baobab Eats: Hummus

As we gear up for the holidays, I’ve been getting a lot of alerts regarding food recalls, its disturbing to say the least. The latest from a favorite Sabra Dipping Company. In a statement the company stated: Sabra Dipping Co., LLC is voluntarily recalling certain

Baobab Eats

Baobab Eats: Chicken Salad

I am not a fan of pre-made salads of any kind but sometimes a craving strikes and well I had to give in. I decided to give the chicken salad a try at my local organic market and was VERY disappointed. I went home that


Review: Hu Kitchen

This weekend I was on Tia/Aunt duty and my first responsibility was taking my nephew into the city for his art class. After dropping him off I realized I didn’t really have a plan for what I would do for the next four hours, poor

Why Family Fit Brunch?

Video Anyone?

In a conversation with one of the many awesome people on my team I was told that I need to start making short videos ASAP. I tried to give the regular excuses about not liking my voice or that I just didn’t know what to


Family Fit Brunch We're Back

  Last summer after a lot of hard work we kicked off our first family fit brunch and it was a success. I wasn’t able to host as many as I wanted mainly because I might have been too ambitious thinking I could plan one