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Review: KTX Spin

  A few years ago my sister and I ventured out to Central Park to the Self Magazine “Workout In The Park” (which has since become a tradition) If you’ve never experienced it let me help you understand what happens, the people at Self round

Paleo Baking Company Review: Chocolate Cake

Over the last two years I’ve dabbled in paleo baking but have never been quite satisfied with the end product. The cakes were just okay, so I opted out of baking or used my 20 split on delicious butter rich desserts (hey! owning your addiction

Review: The New York Times 7 Minute Workout

Winter has officially arrived in NY bringing with it the the 4 steps of fitness grieving: hitting snooze & staying in bed skipping your workout. immense guilt for skipping your workout. bad snacking and emotional binge eating.

Where You Should Be This Weekend: Fitness Event

I had the pleasure of speaking with the awesome team over at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and they shared this event with me! Come out and take a few classes, meet other health professionals and just have a good time! All are welcome!  

Black Girl Beauty: The Skin Edition

People keep asking me what I do to keep my skin looking so clear and fresh. I never really thought of myself as having a system but this weekend I spent a few minute on the benefits of pre-natal vitamins. Though #LeMunchkin will be two in

Baobab Wellness Presents: Family Fit Brunch Review

*Takes deep breathe* So much is changing over here at Baobab, I almost can’t wrap my mind around it, starting with my first solo event. Earlier this month after intense planning I hosted my first solo Wellness event (more on the solo part later).  And

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Healthy Living Must Haves: Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

A few months ago a friend posted a meme on Instagram that said “Natural Girls be like #WashDay” between the eggs, honey and other grocery items was a bottle of the best hair rinse ever, Braggs apple cider vinegar (ACV).  Despite the silliness of the

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I Tried It: Sing Song Yoga

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to get my seven year old son to commit to daily yoga practice with me. On a good day we can get through a 20 minute Vinyasa sequence, on other days… not so much. He’s said that

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Wello: Find Your Fit (at Home)

One of the first workouts I signed up for after having my little one was on web fitness portal, Wello. Though I didn’t know much about it, I was excited to be able to work with a trainer from the comfort of my home. The

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I Tried It: Applegate Farms Natural Genoa Salami

One of the biggest struggles of switching over to a Paleo/Primal lifestyle is getting my kids to jump on the bandwagon. They have strict rules about “needing” white rice with their chili, frozen buttermilk waffles with syrup and sugar in their tea.