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Film Spotlight: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

How hard would it be for you to give up all of the processed foods you eat everyday, and instead subsist on a diet of natural juices? How hard would it be if your very life depended on it? That is what the documentary, Fat,

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You Gotta Go Through Hell to Get to Heaven

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine came back from her lunch gym break looking disheveled. When I asked what was wrong she simply answered “Purgatory Boot camp.” I had no idea what she was talking about and just chucked it up to

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The Workshop that Started a Movement

On an unseasonably warm November evening, Krishna and I attended an event chock-full of women in denial about their body-size-to-clothing-size ratio. Part of me thought these ladies should have been more realistic about the fit of their attire, but there was a bigger problem at