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Come Join Us As We Sweat For A Cure

Do you have time for an amazing workout THIS Saturday, May 7th? Yes! Join me as I support my friend in her quest to find a cure for Lupus with our first Lupus Awareness event!

3 Reasons My Evening Workout Is Bawse

I’ve spent the last few years convincing myself that my morning workout is Bae, but honestly I hate them. I am not a morning person and the amount of energy it takes to get me up would amuse most. It always starts with bargaining for

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Girls Night Out : Long Island

September is when I put all my fee fees aside and try a new workout, in  anticipation of my sister’s birthday. This year we signed up for the New Balance Girl’s Night Out. And it was fun! I’ll admit I didn’t read anything other than

Yoga. Yummy. Retreat, By Tracye

Last year before my escape from the Terrordome I started planning on how to fulfill one of my dreams, attending a Yoga retreat. Along with a month long trip to Greece this was one of the few things on my “To do by 40” list I hadn’t achieved.

My Mother’s Day Story

For eight years, on the Sunday before Mother’s day my husband starts asking me the same questions: * Ra, what do you want for mother’s day? *Bae, If you could have anything for Mother’s day what would it be? *So what’s Mother’s day looking like

Namaste In Times Square Mind Over Madness Yoga

EVERY.YEAR I make plans to attend the Summer solstice Yoga event in Times Square and every year something happens that doesn’t allow me to get there. One year I was away, last year I had a deadline for a client in Singapore and it meant