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The Dysfunction of Perfection

I am a Perfectionist….and I hate it!  This morning after getting the kids ready and out the door I put together a list of things I needed to get done by 12. I made a cup of tea, put in my headphones and fired up the

Pokemon Go! #GottaCatchThemAll

I am one of the biggest comic book and cartoon Blerds ever, but Pokemon never did it for me.  One one hand the characters were super annoying and I may have just crossed the stage into adulthood where I wouldn’t allow myself to like it.

Baobab Does TV: Krishna D. on The Root’s Out Loud

Baobab Wellness had the honor of being featured on The Root’s OUT LOUD feature, along with some really amazing women entrepreneurs. The topic: Women’s History Month: Black Women Making History.  I was so nervous on my way to the studio, scribbling down ways I thought

Women’s Freedom Conference United In Sisterhood

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about the upcoming Women’s Freedom Conference on October 25, 2015.  I have been sharing information on every social media platform I have access to, but if you’ve missed it here is all the info you’ll need:

Yogascope- Weekly Challenge

Yeahhhh this morning was a periscope success, or should I say Yogascope! I thank each of you that got up early to watch me (and the kids) talk about the benefits of Yoga. As promised here are the benefits of child pose and what it