If you’re a regular here you know I’m an avid practicer of yoga and have introduced my boys to yoga as a way to calm their natural excessive energy. So when Jordan from Skinny in the City sent me the information for a charity ride that would benefit the Yoga Foster program, I was more than happy to help.

New York City Blog, Skinny in the City, to Host Cyc Fitness Charity Ride for
Yoga Foster
NEW YORK, NY, May 4th, 2015 – Health and wellness blog, Skinny in the City,
announces that they have partnered with Cyc Fitness to hold a charity fitness class to
benefit nonprofit Yoga Foster.
The charity spin class will take place at Cyc Astor, inside David Barton Gym (DBG),
on Saturday, June 6th at 1:30pm. Charity bikes are $30, and benefit Yoga Foster.
Each bike purchase will fund yoga programs in schools nationwide, not only the time
spent by staff developing the curriculum and training resources, but also shipping
costs to get mats from point A to B, marketing and promotion materials, advocacy
work, and all of the supplies and space needed to make it happen.
Like all Cyc Fitness classes, the purchase of a charity bike also admits access to DBG within 2 hours of your scheduled Cyc ride, the DBG locker room (including showers, steam and sauna; toiletries and towels provided), complimentary WiFi in lounge area, and disposable earplugs and hair ties (available at the front desk).
All charity bikes may be reserved through StayingSkinnyintheCity.com. Booking is simple and fast, so put your name on a bike today! All bikes must be booked by May 31st.

Everyone has a teacher who has made a lasting impact on their life. Yoga
Foster works with these teachers every day to go above and beyond to provide their students with the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. After all, it is from the dedication of these teachers that we are able to foster a healthier,
happier generation.

“We agree with Yoga Foster and believe that everyone is a little better if they have
time to relax and have some fun during the day, and this applies doubly to kids in
schools,” explains Skinny in the City founder Jordan McMullen. “This is why we have
decided to help sponsor their Yoga Foster 500 campaign during May, teacher
appreciation month.”
“May is the month where we show teachers the appreciation that they deserve. To celebrate, Yoga Foster and Skinny in the City are rallying friends and supporters to show their appreciation by sponsoring teachers and helping the Yoga Foster program
grow from 150 to 500 teachers this fall.”
For every $500 raised, Yoga Foster will provide a teacher with all of the essentials that they need to integrate physical activity, mindfulness, and play in their classrooms,including teacher training and year-round support as well as yoga mats sponsored by prAna. Yoga in schools has a profound impact on the physical, mental and emotional health in the classroom and Skinny in the City wants to help Yoga Foster make a difference.

This is an awesome  way to give back, help a teacher and get your ride on! Registration closes on May 31st so click the link below and register today! Though I myself am not a fan of cycling I’ll be there so lets meet up!

Skinny in the City Charity Ride