Baobab Tree

Three years ago at a difficult time in my life I wrote this to get rid of my frustrations. It seemed like a fitting piece for day 2 of my journey to 40 posts.  Enjoy! 

In an effort to make some changes to this blog and what I want it to be I sat down and looked at who I am. I do this exercise on occasion, usually when I’m at a crossroad in my life. The first time, I cried. I sat in the middle of a yoga studio and I cried.  it took a knowing hand from my Yogi to calm me. He explained that often times we lose touch with who we are and our place in the universe, this exercise is a way to get back to that.

I am 
A spiritual being
A powerhouse
A mother and nurturer
A wife and confidant
A healer
A friend
A daughter and granddaughter
A giver of life
The center of the Universe, yet graceful intertwined within it.
I am honest
As strong as the trunk of the Baobab tree
And as gentle as a kiss from the wind.

Most importantly I am comfortable in being who I am regardless of what others think or do. ~