wpid-img_20150419_113030.jpgThis is the second year I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Brooklyn Baby Family Expo and I was so excited, I had such a good time the first year and learned so much.There were a lot of changes this year and some I loved, others left me a bit underwhelmed, but I still enjoyed myself. Let’s start with the good.

The Good:
Location: St. Francis college is so much more centrally located and it made getting there a breeze on public transportation. I was solo this year, but had the #BabyGiants been with me, I would have been equally happy. A short trek from the train is every NY parents dream. When I approached the building I could see the bright sign and the balloons half way down the block, which was a good thing.

Vendors: If my #BabyGiants were little ones, I would have been in heaven!  From top notch Pediatrician, beautiful dresses designed for nursing and top notch daycares, everything was covered. I had the pleasure of speaking with four vendors that moved me to tears (one literally). I am even considering a special feature on just them. Some of my favorites corporate brands were represented but what made my day was all the start-up services like:
Date Night Sitters, who are available to babysit at night so parents can get that much needed time together uninterrupted. If you’re in Brooklyn use the code BROOKLYNBABY for your first four hours free.*
Mom rating : 5
Baby Grow : A moms living in Brooklyn realized that they didn’t have the space to keep all the doodads that come with motherhood and they started a baby gear rental company. The rates are reasonable and the product vast, saving Mom’s the horror of registering for that chair that allows you to record yourself singing, then turns it into a lullaby sung by Mariah Carey, while giving baby a massage (wait that’s a really good idea for a chair). When the host explained to me the premise of this business all I could say was “Where were you two years ago?”
Mom rating: 4
Food: There was a delicious chicken slider served that made me want to sit in the lounge for the rest of the day and just eat (but my paleo life doesn’t allow). The combination of spicy mustard and salty pickle had my taste buds singing for joy. And the most delicious and delicate cakes one has ever seen (see picture). These lovely creations were between $3-5. Tasty and budget friendly.

The Alt School: I also had the pleasure of spending chatting with one of the coordinators from the Alt School and she was so enthusiastic about the opening of their first school in Brooklyn. She made me want to enroll my sons immediately.  They seem to have a different take on education and what kids really need to succeed and I’m excited to see what they bring to Brooklyn. They also had the cutest little pads (I’m a sucker for stationery)



The Bad:
I really only had one issue with this years event and that was that it seemed less family and more corporate and stuffy.  I know the event is growing and there are so many things happening in Brooklyn that need to be showcased but it didn’t feel as warm and welcoming as in the past.  I’m sure this wasn’t the intended vibe but with all the good I’ve mentioned this was one of the first things I actually noticed.

All and all I had a great time, it was great to see the people from Super Soccer Stars playing with the kids, they will always be my favorite sport vendor for small kids.  I’d really love to see more family fitness classes (not just for kids) and natural food classes for parents/kids at future events.