*Takes deep breathe*

So much is changing over here at Baobab, I almost can’t wrap my mind around it, starting with my first solo event. Earlier this month after intense planning I hosted my first solo Wellness event (more on the solo part later).  And I have to say it was pretty awesome! Not only did we introduce new forms of wellness to our community but raised a total of $250 for our charity!

Here’s a quick picture recap!

It started with the awesome Sofya of VitaCoco sending over two boxes of their newest coconut water for kids. I spent the first day staring at them and wondering, how do I get these home? #StrongGirlProblems Indeed!

How Am I Going To Get This Home?

We arrived at the gym early and found out the gym was changed, which didn’t leave much time to map things out. Thankfully old school gyms have benches which allowed for a quick setup of the gift bags


One of these Caterpillars needs our help more than the others 

The event kicked off with a quick thank you from me and why I felt this was a necessity in our community.

Why Family Fit Brunch?

And then it was time to work out! Irene,founder of Be Buff Fitness lead an intense but awesome workout. It was great fun and allowed parents and their kids to workout together.

Irene of Be Buff Fitness was not here for your excuses!
Sweat, Sweat, Sweat

In between workouts FFB’ers quenched their thirst with VitoCoco Paradise Punch.

Our Wonderful Hydration Sensation Sponsor

and amazing Paleo-friendly dishes courtesy of Chef Anthony of the Paleo Phenom.

Thank You Chef Anthony
Avocado, tomatoes, Cilantro and Lime
Banana Grain Free Muffins

While some participants sweated it out with Irene others sat with our Reiki Master Carol did one on one energy massages.

Reiki Master Carol explaining the benefits of Reiki.

With such a large group we opted to do a Reiki Circle, where each member was instructed to clear their minds and go to a place of calm. Some people laid down, others sat up and closed their eyes. It was a very relaxing moment and a wonderful way to end.

Carol leading a Reiki Circle

Thank you to our sponsors VitaCoco and Nerium International.

A special thank you to Be Buff Fitness, Paleo Phenom and Tasha of Analog Media for keeping me on task and for promoting this event!

After the event wrapped I got a few emails and calls asking what’s next and how to reach out to our team for, keep us with us here at FamilyFitBrunch.com! I hope to see you there!

July 12th: Zumba with Kali Blocker, certified fitness instructor, Prospect Park 10am

August 16th: Power Yoga with Lexi ( venue; TBD)

Meet and Greet:

Come out and join me this weekend in support the awesome Yo Beatz team at Yoga at the Hudson. Get your tickets here: Yoga at the Hudson


Taking it all in