A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending my first Fitness Meet and Tweet. Needless to say I was beyond excited. I was also a tad nervous because I’m new to this circle and I was flying solo. Thankfully my gift for gab and the feeling that everyone attending was of same mindset got me through the rainy day.

I have attended Blogger events before but none of this magnitude. The one thing that that was key to making this event a success for us was networking. So like the social butterfly that I am I floated around speaking with everyone I could. The event consisted of several sponsor booths which each attendee was to visit and receive a sticker from. The sponsors ranged from the team from Reebok to a great new pop-up fitness group, Kiwi Sweat.

I quickly made my way through the booths, slowing down once I met the awesome Violet Zaki at the Vichy booth, so that I could hear some of the panel speakers. The speakers covered everything from “fitness facts and fibs,” the latest in fitness wear and “How to Turn Your Blog Into a Business.”

All in all I felt a great introduction to other fitness and wellness bloggers. I hope Fitness Magazine will make this an annual event.