As the mother of two I understand the need for two things: returning to your pre-baby weight and enjoying those few moments of silence when the baby is asleep.

Unfortunately, the first piece of advice you are given as a mom doesn’t cover either of those needs. We are all told to sleep when the baby sleeps. In my opinion this gets old after month two. For most moms our first thought is to watch television (not the kid-friendly kind), eat a snack (usually quick and bad), hit up social media (we’re all addicted) or clean. Well why not exercise instead? Remember to consult your health care provider before beginning any exercise regiment. Here is a 20-minute routine you can do without waking the baby.

1. Core:
Planks target the trasverse abdominis, the muscles that cinch in your waist and make you look smaller.

Start out in a push-up position resting on your elbows for support. Draw in your core, forming a straight line from head to toe. Hold for 20 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

*Modification* Place baby in swing in front of you and plank while looking at him. I have even laid a blanket on my mat and planked over my son adding little kisses in between sets.

2. Cardio:
Cardio gets your heart rate up and the blood flowing. I like to crank up my favorite song and dance for the entire song.

*Modification* Place baby in the stroller and hit the streets. Put together a playlist of upbeat tunes like this: DJ.Diva I Love The 90’s

3. Core:
Side Planks:  Lie on your side with legs straight. Prop yourself up on your elbow and forearm. Use your hand to steady yourself, while bracing your core raise your hips up until you are in a straight line from shoulder to ankle. Hold for ten seconds then lower. Repeat three times then switch sides. Side planks tone your obliques.

4. Strength Training: This strength training circuit requires doing three workouts back to back and in the right order. Take 20 seconds rest between each.

Push ups: Any style of push up will work here. Just make sure you are using the proper form to strengthen your arms and chest muscles.

*Modification* Place baby in swing or chair and perform push ups against wall or foot of your bed. On each dip give baby a little kiss.

Reverse Fly: 
Using 5lbs weights, standing tall, place one foot slightly in front of the other, bending forward at the waist. Exhale as you raise your arms to your sides until they’re shoulder height (forming a T). Hold briefly, then lower slowly to start position. Perform 10 reps.

Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart. Push your hips back and down while bending your knees, as if you were sitting in a chair. Remember to keep your knees parallel to your feet so you don’t get injured. Perform 10 reps

*Modification* If you have a baby carrier, wear your baby while doing your squats. If the weight is too much place your back against a wall to help with balance.

5. Core:
Lie face down arms extended in front of you, lifting your torso as high as you can off the floor, and raising your legs. Squeeze your glutes as you hold for 10 seconds, then lower slowly. Rest for 10 seconds, then repeat 3 times.

6. Cardio:
Put on your favorite song and run up and down the stairs for the length of one song. If you don’t have stairs march in place lifting knees to chest for the length of the song.

*Modification* Strap baby into carrier and keep moving. Sing the song to your little one to make him smile.

The beauty of this simple workout is the ability to modify some of the moves while staying on track even if the baby does wake up.