Look At My Legs Fam

When some of my friends describe me they usually start with “She’s a fitness crazed woman…” and to some extent that’s true. Even though I haven’t worked out with many of them it shows in my everyday life just how much I enjoy working out. If I’ve worked out and had time to myself I’m as sweet as pie and if not well….. BEWARE.

In all the years I’ve been working out and blogging I’ve never shared photos until now.
Over the last week I’ve been putting my booty where my mouth is and posting to my #30DayYogaChallenge pics to Instagram. And it’s help me discover a few  things about myself, all AWESOME of course. 

  1. Heels are my absolutely favorite  shoe, but they are not always fit friendly. The higher the heel, the tighter my hamstrings and the harder I have to workout. It never fails. *bright side*: My legs usually loosen up  like a rubber band after 10-15 minutes.
  2. My hair has never played a part in my need to work out. I have come up with some great styles that work for me.
  3. I’ve been called skinny my entire life.  But I’m not. I’m very muscular and lean.
  4. My preference for a tee about Brooklyn is really more like an obsession. I rep Brooklyn everywhere I go.
  5. My legs are beyond amazing.  No need for any further explanation.
We all need a moment to big ourselves up, head to the comments and tell me a few awesome things about!