I’ve been blogging for a few years, and every year my friend yells at me because she knows that I need to attend the Blogher conference. But between work, kids, home and just being plain ole tired I never committed and went. Even when it was right here in NY…I know, I know. Shameful!

Well this year with the changes in my life and putting my corporate life on hold I thought hey this might be the year to make it happen! With your help I can attend some of the best conferences, rub elbows with professional bloggers from all over the county, and BEST of all spread the word about all of the programming I’m working on. Every dime helps so please donate if you can!  All funds will be used to purchase the ticket as I don’t need hotel accomodations or airfare.  Click the link below and donate, I’ll be ever so greatful!

Get Krishna To #Blogher15