Girls Night Out
I didn’t run in those earrings. LOL

September is when I put all my fee fees aside and try a new workout, in  anticipation of my sister’s birthday. This year we signed up for the New Balance Girl’s Night Out. And it was fun!
I’ll admit I didn’t read anything other than her “Sign Up Now” message so I wasn’t sure what we’d be doing. I marked it on my calendar and still forgot (hellish week) but we spoke and it was on.

If you’re unfamiliar here’s a little about Girls Night Out (GNO) from the New Balance website:

Girls Night Out is an ever-changing lineup of endorphin-fueled fitness, delicious and nutritious eats, the hottest hosts and incredible swag. Lace up for a fun run or try the featured workout then keep it burning on the dancefloor. So grab your gear, grab your girls and get ready to sweat and socialize!

So off we went. I was tired, she was tired but once we walked through the doors and saw all the women there pumped and ready to go we felt better.  After a few announcements from the organizer, we did a great stretch and warm up before heading out for the full work out. The workout consisted of

  1. 1/4 mile run
  2. CrossFit circuit
  3. 1/4 mile run back.

Let’s just say my sister is lucky I love her, LOL! No honestly the run was cool, it was a great summer night and though Long Island lacks sidewalks it was pretty safe for that time of night. I decided to Periscope the run to give people an idea of how cool it looked with all the lights from the car (Note: periscioping and a run isn’t that easy)

The workout was adjusted as the group was too big for the Box so we used an empty parking lot, (5 squats, 10 jumping jacks, 15 mountain climbers – 5xs) and we were back to the run.  When we arrived back at the New Balance store we were greeted with water, gift bags and a Chipotle spread.

It was indeed a great birthday (run) with my sister.  If you’d like to attend a New Balance Girls Night Out in your city, sign up here for updates: NBGNO