I’m going to be Bad Cop to Krishna’s Good Cop for a little bit, because I’ve heard some ruminations about folks and their million and one excuses for not getting healthy. First let me say that I couldn’t care less if you switch to a Paleo diet–I know it works and I know it’s best for me but I’m not here to twist arms. However I always tell folks: “If you complain about something and I help you find a solution but you don’t take my advice and keep doing the thing that isn’t garnering the results you claim you want, then you lose all rights to ever complain in my presence again.”

Last week I posted a precursor to a challenge we’re offering up after many of our Twitter followers, readers and friends asked about the Paleo diet and lifestyle. So today I’m going to tell you a few things you’ll need to know if you are really going to do this:

1- This is not something you will do for a few months and then go back to what you were doing before. This is a complete lifestyle change. You will need to research it and read up on it and then say goodbye to your old self and all the unhealthy foods and activities that got you to this point.

2- It will be an emotional journey. I have an attachment to certain foods that are not Paleo because it reminds me of my grandmother, a woman I’ve been mourning for almost 20 years. You will find something like this on your journey, too. You have to commit to letting it go and evolve past it.

3- Other people will poo-poo your decision, tell you this is a fad, it’s unhealthy and unnecessary. This is why I asked you to read up on the lifestyle because there is science backing this up. It’s not a fad. It’s not unhealthy. You will need to be strong in the face of people–probably family and close friends–who will not want you to change.

4- You will have to open your mind and accept that a lot of what we were told were healthy foods and exercises aren’t that great for us. Tofu is not your friend. Whole wheat is not your friend. An hour on the treadmill? Not your friend. You’re not going to succeed in this challenge if you’re too stubborn to change.

5- A change this big will require a support system. You will cry, you will find your self sneak-eating cookies at 3AM. You may even go a whole week without doing anything to help yourself get fit inside and out out of sheer rebellion and defiance. You need to have a person or a few people who will talk you down off the ledge and assure you that you are working toward your best life. And while I would not advise you to call me or Krishna at 3AM to help you put the cookies down, we are committing to being your virtual support–answering pressing questions, offering resources or just lending an “ear” for you to vent online.

Now that you know what it will take, please, join us in this three-month Paleo Challenge. It will be the best thing you do for yourself this year!