When I started on my paleo lifestyle journey I was 100% gung-ho. I stuck by all the rules and no matter how I suffered I stuck by it.  The more involved, the more I evolved, the more I realized an 80/20 diet served me better. Instead of beating myself up for slipping or craving I made the change and it has worked out better for all of us.   I’m a firm believer that being  healthy living isn’t about guilt, so there really is no need to sitting around battling yourself about cravings.  That said here are a few Non-Paleo items I keep around the house to meet my cravings when I want them.

  1.  White Potatoes:  Despite the claims that they aren’t healthy for you and they shouldn’t be consumed (regularly) I keep a small bag in my house at all time. Why? Because there are times I simply want fresh cut french fries. And though I could make them with sweet potatoes sometimes you just want a regular
  2. Grits:  Grits is a  which makes it a paleo no-no. My mom is Southern and grits is a go-to meal, especially during the colder months. I’ll never give it up, but I also won’t eat it every day.
  3. Peanut Butter:  My kids enjoy it and that’s enough to keep it in the house. We eat it on apples, sometimes bananas and often just a spoonful on the run.  Though there are many alternatives, like almond butter, I just haven’t learned to love them. So we may not buy Jif or Skippy but there is always a high quality PB in this house.
  4. Chickpeas:  I love hummus and I love Roti so there is no life without chickpeas. Now do I have these things often, NO but  if you happen to at my house and offer you some delicious curry chicken wrapped in the deliciousness that is a warm roti skin, just decline and know that you are missing the best meal ever.

Looking back at this list it really isn’t that bad. We are probably actually more 90/10 when it comes to our Paleo lifestyle now that I think about it. Either way we don’t strive to be Paleo perfectionist, we simply strive to be happier and healthier everyday even on cheat day :).