Over the last few years I’ve been trying to get my seven year old son to commit to daily yoga practice with me. On a good day we can get through a 20 minute Vinyasa sequence, on other days… not so much. He’s said that he enjoys it (especially bridge and any inverted poses) but sometimes it feels like I’m forcing him, and I don’t want that. I know the benefits of practice and I believe that it has to be organic in order to truly benefit from it. So what do I do?

Enter Facebook. As I surfed the many ads (blerg) I found an interesting yoga app specifically for kids, called “Sing Song Yoga”(SSY), Sing Song Yoga is described as:

Perfectly customizable, the Sing Song Yoga™ App is our full, beautifully produced HD DVD program. The very first of its kind in kids’ yoga apps, it allows the user to choose individual poses or choose a pre-programmed Sing Song Yoga™ Sequence by simply dragging them to the Sequence Canvas and play as a seamless video. Perfect for families, schools, after-school and health programs (such as rehabilitation, special education, or health and fitness for kids). Sing Song Yoga™ is a musical kids’ yoga program in which song lyrics instruct children how to get into the poses. The music is not only loved by kids, but it holds their focus for longer periods of time, allowing them to experience the more in depth benefits of yoga! Our mission is to introduce yoga to kids and families in a fun child-friendly, brain-friendly way in hopes that yoga will become a part of their lives for years to come. Therefore the benefits of yoga can be enjoyed throughout their lives! Deb Weiss-Gelmi, a yoga instructor and school teacher, has produced the uniquely enchanting and effective yoga video for kids, now available in this completely customizable Sing Song Yoga™ iPad and iPhone App.

CJ customized his first sequence very easily (drag and drop formatting) and did it twice before I sat down to interview him (heheh). Here are his answers, followed by my thoughts..

Did you enjoy the Sing Song Yoga sequence?
Yes, I liked it and wished the sequences were longer. Maybe next time Corey can do it too. 

What was your favorite part?
The bridge pose was my favorite part. I’m strong and it was easy. Though getting down was hard. 

Do you prefer using the app or doing the longer classes with me?
Both, though sometimes your practice is too long and I want to watch my shows and you won’t let me, 

What would you tell kids about Yoga?
 I don’t know. I think it’s fun because I get to stand on my hands and stretch. Not like when I wake up in the morning stretch but the kind that will make you stronger.  I wonder if LeBron James does Yoga, that’s what I’d tell kids because he’s a winner. Winners do Yoga!

As you can see he’s pretty in touch with his feelings about yoga and practicing it, he enjoyed being able to take control of his practice and the app on his own.

My take on SSY* was pretty similar to my son’s. Cute names like “good bye stress” and “jazz up my brain”, SSY could be a great tool to use when introducing yoga to much younger kids, up to age 5. The color coded poses made it easier for CJ and I to pick early morning and bedtime sequences. It also helped with discussing how to focus and breathe through practice. The only drawback for me was the singing, which was boring and caused me to lose interest. Overall I would recommend this app for anyone interested in introducing yoga to little ones at home.

The Sing Song Yoga app can be downloaded for free at iTunes, each pose can be purchased for is $0.99 and each sequence is $3.99.