sports braWith athletic apparel taking over the fashion trends of 2016, more and more women are  learning just how hard it is to find a sports bra that can do it all. Sports bras have recently become a new fashion essential that provide both support for the most strenuous of workouts as well as style. Finding a sports bra that can do both of these things while being affordable is even more of a challenge.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the 8 best sports bras which are functional, stylish and, most importantly, extremely affordable. These sports bras are all unique in their own way and will allow you to have fun with fashion while you work out.

  1. The Lilac Bra – $12.47
    This crossover bra offers a decent amount of support for workouts such as jogging and cycling. The unique low neckline and removable cups give your breasts a bit of a boost so you can feel sexy while you exercise.
  2. The Lenni Sports Bra – $12.47
    One awesome feature about this bra is that it’s almost completely moisture-resistant, meaning that you don’t have to be afraid to break a serious sweat. This bra offers medium support and has removable cups. We love the strappy neckline detail that gives this bra a sexy edge.
  1. The Dash Seamless Bra II – $9.97
    The fact that this bra is seamless means  you can wear it under anything without anyone knowing. It’s super stretchy and supportive, and the criss- cross detail in the back looks fabulous peeping beneath a sweatshirt with a low back.
  1. The Ellie Sports Bra – $12.47
    One of the reasons that we are obsessed with this bra is because of its cute keyhole neckline which is sexy yet feminine. We also love that this bra comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, making it hard not to buy all of them.

This bra also features moisture-wicking material, meaning that no matter how much you sweat you’ll never feel drenched and uncomfortable. Plus, the keyhole serves a functional purpose as well, offering a cool spot where heat and sweat often accumulates.

  1. The Brianna High Support Sports Bra – $19.97
    This heavy-duty bra is made for serious workouts. It offers an enormous amount of support for even the most rigorous exercises and features two layers: one layer is super stretchy to ensure a flawless fit while the other layer offers an advanced range of motion. The high neckline is great for those who are a bit more modest.
  1. The Snapdragon Reversible Sports Bra – $12.47
    One of our favorite things about this bra is that it’s reversible, making it virtually two bras in one. It features racerback straps and offers medium support, making it ideal for a variety of workouts. The performance jersey material resists moisture so you don’t have to worry about feeling sticky and drenched with sweat. However, it’s lightweight enough to keep you feeling cool.
  1. The Clara Sports Bra – $14.97
    We are obsessed with the cosmic-inspired print as well as the mesh detail on the back which makes this bra super breathable. The midi length makes this bra stand out. This bra comes with removable cups for an added boost should you desire one. It’s also super popular for its breathable nature, thanks to its moisture-fighting material.
  1. The Sylvia Bra – $14.97
    We love the minimal but stylish design of this bra, which could easily double as a crop top for a night out at the club. The keyhole adds an extra element of femininity to it, but don’t be deceived: this bra is made for heavy duty exercise. It offers a high level of support, and that cute keyhole doubles as an extra source of airflow.

These 8 fabulous bras vary in style and shape, but they all have one thing in common: in addition to being cute and offering great support, they are all incredibly affordable. Read more about the awesomeness happenings at Fabletics and gear up with some of these beauties at

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fabletics.