By now hopefully you’ve taken the first step and cleaned out all the junkie foods in your refrigerator, and successfully logged at least 140 minutes walking for the first part of the challenge. I know those of us in the North have had to deal with cold weather (stupid winter) but we shouldn’t use that as an excuse. If you weren’t able to get out last week don’t fret; the temps are on the rise and you can make up for it this week. Remember going Paleo isn’t about all or nothing, it’s a steady race with wins and loses. Now let’s move on to this week’s mission.

Along with walking we are challenging you to eat more vegetables. Sounds simple right? Well it is. Below are three in-season vegetables for you to try each week this month. You won’t need to eat them everyday, unless you choose to but you are required to eat the chosen veggie at least once. 

This step will expose you to new foods and help you plan in advance for better eating habits. 

Veggie #1: Broccolini
Veggie #2: Radishes (For tips on how to pick, store and cook radishes visit Martha Stewart’s Radish Recipes.)
Veggie #3: Artichoke 

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