Smiles make all the difference!

I haven’t posted anything for a while. I could outline the list of things that have gone wrong and caused me to retreat into myself, but I’m sure whatever is going on with me isn’t any different than what’s going on in your world: Life, happening.

To that end, I want to offer you five great (or at least I think they’re great) Monday morning tips on making sure your inner self—the self that feels everything deeply and is essentially still a scared five-year-old who wants her mommy—is content:

1- Start each day with a fresh smile. Forget that yesterday you had a bad go of it and choose to feel better today. You woke up this morning so you’ve been given another chance to be great; seize it!

2- Eat something wholesome. Listen, I know a lot of you still do the fast-food grab-n-dash and I’ll try hard not to judge you (I’m lying. I’m judging you.), but before you bite into whatever is passing for eggs at these places, have a glass or room-temperature lemon water or a piece of fruit or a handful of raw almonds.

3- Listen to a “Come On Get Happy” playlist. Put something together on your mp3 player or online music site to make you smile. Pick songs that make you tap your feet or remind you of that raging kegger in college where you met your very best friend.

4- Write it out. Sometimes, just penning your disappointments and unhappiness will release it from your mind and soul, allowing space for silliness and great blessings.

5- Meditate. We’ve written about it on this site before and it’s still a go-to tactic for getting right with one’s inner self. Click HERE for our post on Vedic Meditation and HERE for the post on Simple Meditation. Either one will help you get rid of the moody blues.

How about you- what do you do to recharge after a bout of the funky attitudes?