Yesterday I met with an organization dedicated to wellness for kids. In the meeting, the director asked me many questions but the one that stuck out most was “You speak with such passion about your time in finance, why the change?” It literally stopped me in my tracks because I hadn’t prepared for it, I was ready to talk about Baobab Fit, Brownsville and the need for more centered wellness programs, bit finance..who cared. Well, she did and she was right. While my passions have shifted, my purpose is the same, the execution is different. When I went into finance, it wasn’t just about the money (which is nice) , it has always been about how I serve the client, filling a need that allows the client to make decisions that get them closer to positive alpha, to better bonuses, to a better life.

This is the same passion, I speak into Baobab Wellness. I host events specific to mothers of color so that a need is filled, so the attendees have options that allow them to move closer to their positive alpha aka wellness and self care, to better bonuses aka healthy meals, changed attitudes towards food, workouts that never come to our neighborhoods, and a better life  because we simply can’t live and compete in this world if we don’t take mind, body, financial wellness seriously and in our control.

So yes, I am passionate and purposeful when I speak about my time in finance, because my purpose is in support, in teaching, in lifting up my community. And that is a skill that can be transferred to any and every industry because it is honest and I wear it like a cape. PROUDLY!