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Baobab Bonus Discount Codes Included

A few weeks ago I reviewed Zak’s natural deodorant and it is now my favorite deodorant of all time! And since then the lovely people at Zaks have reached back with a discount code! Now you can join me in the natural deodorant revolution! Visit Zak

#ThePlaylist: Yoga, Yoga Y’all

Yesterday I had a serious nail emergency, and decided it could not wait until Wednesday afternoon. So I fired up the Google machine to find a nail tech that could fix it. The closest one to me had a 2:30 spot and so off I

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Betty Rocker: 30 days, 15 minutes

I have been dedicated to increasing my upper body strength for the last two months because I feel like it’s my week point. I’ve added lift days (blerg) to my routine and I already have an unnatural relationship with my kettlebell, but there are days

Pokemon Go! #GottaCatchThemAll

I am one of the biggest comic book and cartoon Blerds ever, but Pokemon never did it for me.  One one hand the characters were super annoying and I may have just crossed the stage into adulthood where I wouldn’t allow myself to like it.

Zak Natural Deodorant Review: Elevate

Disclosure: I received a sample to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own. Over the past four years my family has been transitioning from commercial products full of harmful chemicals to all natural products. In the small chance we can’t find a product,