Paleo Baking Co. #GlutenFree #DairyFree

Over the last two years I’ve dabbled in paleo baking but have never been quite satisfied with the end product. The cakes were just okay, so I opted out of baking or used my 20 split on delicious butter rich desserts (hey! owning your addiction is the first step). But secretly I’ve been wanting to give it ago again. So when the team at Paleo Baking Company asked me to give their product a try I was stoked.


The directions were pretty easy to follow so I let CJ do most of the work. We weren’t sure how it would come out when we tasted the batter, but to both our surprise it was pretty good. The cake batter resembled that of a brownie mix, the finished product a denser version of flourless chocolate cake.

Baobab Wellness

Though tasty the chocolate was a little too dense and rich for my liking so I coupled it with some of my favorite So Delicious ice cream to lighten the taste. The cake lasted two days, which is a good sign.

After baking the cake I took a look at the recipes on Paleo Baking Co’s site and decided that if I were to do this again I’d use their egg free recipe. It looks moist and even more consistent with flourlesss chocolate cake.

I’d definitely use this product again, especially with CJ’s classmate having a long list of allergies from dairy to peanut.
The team at Paleo baking has been kind enough to offer 20% off to my readers, just use the code “baob20” and tell them Krishna sent you (not really, I just like saying that)

Paleo Baking Co.




Paleo Friendly





  • Easy to Use
  • Rich Chocolate taste
  • Short ingredient list


  • Need Oil substitutions