So you read Raquel’s Hard Truths about Going Paleo and took the plunge and signed up for our paleo challenge anyway. Now what? Did we abandon you and leave you to figure the rest on your own with only Google as your guide?

Of course not! We will be offering tips throughout the next few weeks leading up to our April 1st start. Today’s tip: Clearing your home of the bad foods.

Step One: Clean Out Your Refrigerator & Cupboards

Remove all non-paleo foods like pasta, rice, cookies, white flour, cereal, juice and soda. If the foods are unopened, donate them to your local church pantry. You have two choices when it comes to the food that is open you can trash it or donate to non-paleo friends; just make sure it’s all out of the house. *If you have kids, try introducing them to paleo snacks or keep a small cabinet for their non-paleo treats*

Step Two: Identifying Paleo-Friendly Foods

A paleo lifestyle requires you to eat lean meat, vegetables, fruits and some nuts. It excludes grains, dairy, refined sugars and processed foods. The best way to gauge if a food meets paleo standards is asking yourself if it originated in a time before the agriculture boom.

Step Three: Time to Shop

The key to eating clean is two-fold. First, you must have access to better food. When you head out to shop, your goal should be to fill your kitchen with healthy fresh veggies, fruit and proteins. This preparation (the second part of the eating clean process) will allow you to plan meals and avoid slip-ups when hunger strikes or worse–during sugar/salt cravings.

Foods to aim for include:
Proteins–Beef, Poultry, Pork and Seafood
Vegetables–All with the exception of corn, white potatoes and peas (flash frozen brands are also acceptable)
Fruits–Berries, Oranges, Apples and Pears (make sure to buy in season to save money)
Fats–Coconut oil, Ghee, Olive oil and Clarified butter
Herbs–All your favorites in bunches
Flours–Coconut and Almond.
Beverages–Water, Teas, Homemade lemonades, Infused waters and Seltzers

Sounds doable, right?

Come back next week for great recipes and learn about paleo-endorsed exercise regiments.