I decided to join Periscope after a little prodding from my friends. I thought it might be a good way to figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are before the launch of my podcast, WODs Wellness and Woes. And let’s be real, it’s a less formal way for me to get over my jitters. I did my first ‘scope was short and cool, little hearts flew everywhere and people joined, which really helped build my confidence about my message. My second ‘scope wasn’t.. while I still enjoyed the live broadcast it was a major bust, and I learned a few lessons. So here are my top five lessons from a month of Periscope:

1. Charge your damn battery: I was in the middle of a pretty cool broadcast, and people were joining and chatting when suddenly my screen went black, then I saw the Samsung logo and my broadcast was done. I didn’t realize that even though my phone was “charging” the charger wasn’t actually plugged in.
So remember check yourself, before you wreck yo’self (and by yo’self I mean your battery)

2. Turn Off Location: While I think it’s okay to speak about where you are, the turn on location is WAY too accurate for my liking. On a test ‘scope I had my locations on and when I went to look back, the pin was actually on my house. So that’s a no thank you for me. I have watched one too many episodes of Criminal Minds to ever subscribe to that.

3. Turn on Twitter notifications: This is a simple one, but when you’re getting used to the camera you might forget. And this is the best way to let your followers know you’re live. So click the little birdie and prosper.
Periscope Krishna_TheSage4. Don’t Bother Tweeting Periscope Co. For help: I’ve been having issues with the replay function, not issues It.Won’t.Work. All I get is audio when people replay, and while the important message is being still being shared, the point is to see the person behind the product. But Michelle of Her Power Hustle, assures me that I’m not the only one with issues.

UPDATE: I sent a message through the periscope app and got an instant response, but I have to wait 24 hours for them to actually help me fix it. #TakeTheGoodTakeTheBad

5. Make sure the Baby is asleep: After doing a little crowd sourcing I found that the women that follow me were interested in a 5 minute challenge on how to relax. Easy enough. I got the kids fed, down and went to my favorite spot in the yard. And just as I was half way through my broadcast my youngest comes out, sits in my lap and reaches to nurse and…Let’s just say nip slips aren’t just for celebs. Thankfully I was quick and could delete the broadcast. I have since re-recorded that video and it was went well.

So that’s it, tips from a novice. I am enjoying the communities being built through periscope and think it’s a great tool to promote yourself, your business or just to hang out and learn.  For a more in-depth look at periscope check out this article by Michelle Talbert in Black Enterprise, and follow me at Krishna_TheSage.