Last week in one of my FB confessions I posted a picture of my 32oz water mug with the caption, “Ohh I how I hate drinking water. I really truly hate it!” I wasn’t surprised that most of the comments were the equivalent of a pearl clutch because I post a lot of healthy living tips, but it’s my truth. And not one I’m actually ashamed of.

At one point in my life I drank water all the time, it was my go to drink. When I was dancing or playing tennis I didn’t reach for a gatorade, Eww just a cool refreshing glass of H2o. Then I moved to Roanoke, VA where the water is hard and we didn’t have a Britta, because we were poor college students and my tastes for the elixir of life just diminished. I haven’t lived in The ‘Noke in several years but drinking water always remind me of the time I spent chocking down the hard mountain water so I usually stop. But how can one live a healthy lifestyle and not drink water? They can’t! So I’ve had to be super creative to make sure I get at least my daily intake*.  Here are a few of my go to ways of having and enjoying water:

  • Keep It Cold: As much as I hate drinking water, warm water makes me gag! I keep a 32 oz cup with me all the time and if the water gets warm I add ice.
  • Set A Time To Drink And Chug-A-Lug: Make it into a game. I have a dry erase board with the times of day I can drink and how long it took me to finish 8oz.
  • Add Fruit: Cut up your favorite citrus fruits and add to your water and let it sit overnight. You’ll be getting what you need to stay hydrated and a bonus of Vitamin C. #winning
  • Keep A Bottle With You: If you already have access you’re less likely to search out alternatives. When you go into a deli or store you won’t be overwhelmed with the choices because your handy bottle will be in the bag.
  • Buy A Cool Bottle: My bottle of choice is a Camelbak with a charcoal filter. Having this bottle has improved my intake of water no matter where I am.

Keeping with my tips, and CJ’s need to remind me HOURLY that I haven’t had any water today, 2015 will see me as the most hydrated person ever!

* In 2002 a study published in the American Journal of Physiology questioned the science behind the 64oz a day recommendation of the past. Instead recommending that a percentage of your water intake comes from fruits, vegetables, coffee and tea.