On My Way To My Death


A few years ago my sister and I ventured out to Central Park to the Self Magazine “Workout In The Park” (which has since become a tradition) If you’ve never experienced it let me help you understand what happens, the people at Self round up the latest and greatest in fitness instructors, classes, sports wear and for a few bucks you get to take classes, get samples, a subscription to Self and commune with other fitness buffs in your city.
Anyway since it was our first time out there we made sure to try as many classes as we could. I remember being so excited that we were going to be able to try spin class. But by the time our slot came up I was spent. Nevertheless fueled by endorphin high or youthful abandon  we hoped on those bikes liked they’d take us home. The music pumped, we rode hard and by the end my legs felt like jelly and swore off spinning as the devil. I could often be spotted in the gym giving the side eye to the crazed spinners. My sister however became a convert. Fast forward to 2015….

We’ve been trying to do change the way we celebrate and gather as a family, you can only eat at a restaurant with 18 people so many times before you just want to scream NO MORE! So when my big sister’s birthday rolled around she asked that we join her for KTX spin at Sync Studios, I was like SURE! I booked my ticket and then the dread of it all hit me. SPIN CLASS, NOOOO!

We showed up in Brooklyn ready to ride and all I could think was if this class is like the youtube video, I might don’t make it.

IT WAS, But I did!

The class started off with a slow warm up and took off after that. With tunes from Beyonce, a lot of Southern rap and Soca to wine your waist too. It was not for the faint of heart, but unlike other spin classes I’ve taken or watched it wasn’t about competition. Keith was on the bike riding, then five seconds later next to you saying “YESS, you are awesome, you’ve got this!” It made me want to keep going even though my foot kept slipping out of the pedal (*TIP: If you don’t already have the shoes, rent a pair). He made sure to speak to everyone in that class and it was awesome. No one was treated like a novice and he wasn’t screaming for you to get up off the bike. He was just a ball of pure awesome, encouraging energy. And even though my legs felt like rubber and I regretted not eating more than a boiled egg two awesome things came out of this experience, my sister had an awesome birthday and was smiling and I mended my relationship with the  spin bike…maybe 🙂

KTX is back in Brooklyn this weekend and though I won’t be there because I messed up and missed the only time slot I could make, you should try to go. Click here and get your entire life:  Rock The Bike. Hurry there is only one time slot left!


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