So if you are the big tree
We are the small axe
Ready to cut you down (well sharp)
To cut you down
These are the words
Of my master, keep on tellin’ me
No weak heart
Shall prosper
~Robert “Bob” Marley

Yesterday I received my first Bulu Box* and it was filled with some great trial sized treats, but one little gem jumped out at me. A group of teeny tiny magnetic words. My first thought was “Oh man, one of these kids will try to eat this” so I slapped them up on the highest part of the refrigerator. But something kept drawing me back to this jumble of words. And that’s when it hit me, this was just one more way for me to keep inspiring after my #7DaysofGratitude on facebook.

I decided to name this project after my favorite Bob Marley tune “Small Axe” because of the obvious (small words),but also to show that with small affirmations we can cut down any anger, doubt, sadness we might feel on this journey to being our best selves.  So come back every Friday for a small dose of inspiration.

Small Axe Inspirations

*Thank you Bulu Box for inspiring me further!