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Namaste In Times Square Mind Over Madness Yoga

EVERY.YEAR I make plans to attend the Summer solstice Yoga event in Times Square and every year something happens that doesn’t allow me to get there. One year I was away, last year I had a deadline for a client in Singapore and it meant

Five Fit Facts: About Me

When some of my friends describe me they usually start with “She’s a fitness crazed woman…” and to some extent that’s true. Even though I haven’t worked out with many of them it shows in my everyday life just how much I enjoy working out.

30 Days Of Yoga: #YogaYogaYall Twitter/ FB chat

To kick off my 30 Days of Yoga challenge I’ll be hosting a 30 minute twitter/ facebook chat.  I’ll be talking about my experiences, favorite poses but more importantly asking you about yours! So join me and help me kick off the month of August

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30 Day Yoga Challenge

Fifteen years ago I after a really hard boxing class I stepped into my first Yoga class and fell in love. The hippie instructor, his sitar and calming instruction will never know the part he played in helping me hold up a mirror to myself